Courses & Credits

  • Students joining EIWC can choose to take up to 2 courses, one from each period. The EIWC offers 2 credits per course; while most institutions accept the EIWC credits, how the credit would transfer back is entirely up to the student's home institution. Students who wish to transfer credits back are strongly recommended to check with their home institution prior to applying and registering for a course.
  • ▶ Each course is worth 2 credits (30 hours).
  • ▶ Students will not be allowed to change the number of courses registered after the application deadline (November 22, 2024)
  • ▶ Any student who misses 1/3 or more of the total class hours (i.e. 10 hours or more) will automatically fail the course.
  • ▶ Classes with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled. If a course is cancelled, students who have registered will be contacted individually via email.
  • ▶ Class Schedule : Period 1 (9:00 ~ 11:30), Period 2 (12:30 ~ 15:00)

  • 4 levels of Korean Language CoursesCourse #, Period, Mode, Credits, Instrouctor, University로 구성된 4 levels of Korean Language Courses 안내 표
    Period Course Title Instructor Notes

    Contemporary Issues in Korean Culture HwaJung Kim

    Criminal Psychology: Exploring the Mind of Criminals
    SunYoung Yoon

    Entertainment Media
    HoYoung Yoon 

    Gender Relations In Korea
    HaeLim Cho

    Korean Ceramics I (Studio-type)
    HyunA Kim

    Korean Cinema
    SeJung Ahn

    Marketing Strategy
    DongJin Lim

    North Korea: Between Continuity and Change  HwaJung Kim
    2 Korean Language_Level 1 (Basic) Ewha Language Center

    2 Korean Language_Level 2 (Intermediate) Ewha Language Center

    2 Korean Language_Level 3 (Advanced) Ewha Language Center

    2 Korean Language_Level 4 (High-Advanced) Ewha Language Center