All international students do not possess a passport issued by the Republic of Korea must obtain a visa or apply for a K-ETA (visa waiver) before entering Korea.

Students may apply for one of the following: 1) C-3-1 (short-term general), 2) D-2-8 (short-term study), or 3) K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization). Students are recommended to consult with the nearest Korean embassy or consulate from which they will apply for the visa in advance as to which visa is most appropriate (as well as required documents).

Students planning to apply for the D-2-8 short-term study visa should email the EIWC office at to request a “Certificate of Admission.” The certificate takes approximately 1~2 weeks to be issued and sent via post, so students should submit the request well in advance to their appointment.

Useful sites:

Korea Visa Portal:

K-ETA official website: